Tester Tuesday: The Versailles Scarf

Tester Tuesday: The Versailles Scarf

this, Madame, is Versailles

The Versailles Scarf was released last week, and I wanted to showcase the brilliant work my testers did for this pattern. Versailles comes in two lengths and can be worn around the neck or as a headband or hair tie. With less than half a skein of fingering weight yarn (hello, stash-busting!) the possibilities are endless. Here are some ideas and inspiration to encourage you to knit this quick accessory!

Amy wearing the Versailles Scarf in 3 different ways (as a hair tie, as a neck tie, and as a headscarf)


Lor's pink Versailles Scarf styled on a mannequin with a black tank top


Rachel wearing a dark green Versailles Scarf and pink tank top, smiling at the camera


Ariel wearing a purple Versailles Scarf knotted around her neck


a brown Versailles Scarf laid out on a wooden surface


Leona wearing a grey Versailles Scarf as a headband


two photos of Bay: 1) Bay wearing a purple Versailles Scarf tied and knotted as a headband and 2) Bay wearing a green Versailles Scarf as a neck scarf and a purple Versailles Scarf as a headband


Jordyn's mom wearing an extra-long variegated Versailles Scarf as both a headwrap and scarf


a sparkly pink Versailles Scarf foled on a white wood surface


If you want to knit your own version of the Versailles Scarf, you can buy the pattern here!

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